How To Get A Free Netflix Premium Account In 2021

Netflix is one of the best streaming services in the world with a huge variety of movies, series, original and in-house productions. It is not possible to watch any series or movies from the service provider without an order: anyone who wants to access the content must have an active subscription.

How To Get Free Netflix Premium Account

Since Netflix has recently increased its subscription value in many countries, we will see today how to get free Netflix in 2021 by following the 100% working procedure. Here's what you need to know about free Netflix.

Subscribing to Netflix is ​​a real treat because of the wide range of special series and movies. Most Netflix originals are only available on official websites or need to be purchased separately from Amazon, such as online stores.

"Mindhunter" and "Unknown Things" are great examples of exclusive content that is only available on Netflix. To find out if the order is valuable, you can first try the free transfer service for one month. All you have to do is follow these steps.

The delivery service offers its customers a total of three subscription plans. These differ in the quality of the video stream and the number of people who can use the subscription at the same time. The monthly costs for standard and premium orders are $ 12.99 and $ 15.99. At low cost, the basic order costs 8.99.

Netflix has become more expensive since April 2019; Not everyone can afford to buy orders. That’s why we wrote this guide to help people master all the ways to watch Netflix for free in 2021.

For all new subscribers, the streaming service, which allows you to use Netflix's free account for the first 30 days (1 month), is a test to see if an existing movie, TV series or TV show fills your heart with happy memories.

How To Get A Free Netflix Premium Account In 2021

Method 1: Sign up for a 30-day free trial on Netflix

The streaming service offers a free, flexible 30-day Netflix trial subscription. During this time, you'll have access to all Netflix content, including Pet subscriptions, and unlimited movie and TV shows such as Stranger Things, Dark, Black Mirror, Riverdale, or Orange New Black.

Sign Up For A 30-day Free Trial On Netflix

It is possible to reschedule or cancel the order plan before the end of the one-month trial period. You don't have to worry about hidden costs; Your card will not charge even 0.01 cents. Follow these steps to watch Netflix for free for a month.

Although we've had a few free trial tricks, we'll talk about them in the following ways. We will currently resolve the registration process.

1.) First of all you need to go to the Netflix website:

2.) Click on the red button "30 days free trial".

3.) You will now be taken to a page to view information about the free trial and its conditions. Click the "SEE PLAN" button to move to the next step.

4.) Now you can choose one of the three order packages offered. You don't have to pay a single penny in the first month, so you can consciously control all the top features using a premium plan.

Note: The most important thing to note is that after the end of the trial month (30 days), the premium subscription fee is $ 15.99 per month, and their monthly calculation is made from the date the trial is first activated. Therefore, you must cancel your order before the end of the trial period. If you change your mind, depending on the situation, you can then change the order package and choose a cheaper price as soon as the cost comes to you. Of course, you can cancel your order when you want to give up on Netflix, and you can come back later if you want.

5.) Now you need to enter your email address (previously not used on Netflix), enter your password and click "Continue". In the future, you'll need to sign in to your Netflix account using your email and password, so save this data or save it directly from your browser.

6.) Finally, you must enter your payment information. Don't worry; You can use it if you do not cancel your order before the end of the free month. You can choose your favorite payment method from credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and gift cards.

Tip: In many countries, Netflix supports PayPal and Gift cards as payment options. So, if you want to get Netflix for free without a credit card, this may be the best option for you.

7.) After completing all these steps, you will be able to use Netflix for free for one month in 2019. If you do not select the basic package, the order will be available to you at the moment, without any restrictions.

Don't forget to cancel your Netflix test before it's over!

Canceling a free month is a simple thing to do. This is not rocket science. Netflix offers you the option to deactivate the trial month after you sign up, making it very easy and still available for free for 30 days. If you have just started using Netflix trials, you can cancel your order at any time (within 30 days), and you will still be able to watch Netflix for free until the end of the trial month.

To do this,

  1. Log in to your Netflix account.
  2. Click on "your name" in the upper right corner and select the "Registration" sub-item.
  3. To the left of the email address, you must click the "Cancel Membership" button.
  4. Finally, you must confirm that you have canceled your order. That's it. You just signed up for Netflix.

After cancellation, you can activate your account at any time, if necessary.

If you are satisfied with this VoD service offer, you can get all the information about how much Netflix costs and the content of the three available subscriptions.

Netflix Has Three Subscription Plans For August 2021.

Plan Price Screens Resolution
Basic $8.99 1 (Max users) SD
Standard $12.99 2 (Max users) HD
Premium $15.99 4 (Max users) HD, Ultra HD 4K

Basic Plan:
For $ 8.99 per month, you can access all content in the standard quality video without HD / UltraHD video resolution. Only simultaneous play is allowed (on a computer, TV, smartphone or tablet). This plan allows you to download movies from your phone or tablet.

Standard Plan:
Two HD devices (without UltraHD) can watch Netflix at the same time and pay $ 12.99 per month.

Premium Plan:
Priced at $ 15.99 / month, with HD content, UltraHD supports up to 4 devices simultaneously.

Method #2: How To Get Unlimited Trail On Netflix 2021

Generally, for first-time Netflix users, the site offers free trials for one month. The test system is designed to work like this.

This is what we saw in the first method. The truth is that you can try Netflix more than once, and you can get unlimited free trials depending on your situation.

The Netflix test system identifies new users by the payment information they enter and the email address they use to sign up. So when you signed up, you wanted to do a second experiment on Netflix.

You must use a different payment method and email address to sign up for Netflix. So you will have to use different payment methods to try again.

If you have a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account, you can take three trials. In addition, if you have different bank accounts, you can take advantage.

It is a good idea to have several credit and debit cards. You can use the cards one by one as soon as the current trial period expires. Netflix won't know you're cheating, as you've tried many times.

So, if you are in a hurry to watch Netflix and have different payment tools and emails available, you can sign up for a free trial of Netflix right now.

To do this, follow the steps shown in method #1. Don't forget to cancel your order, if you don't cancel it, you will be charged next month.

Method #3: How To Get a Second Trial On Netflix Using The Same Credit Card

Want to enjoy Netflix's free month again? It is possible to get Netflix on a single credit card/debit card / PayPal with a 30-day free trial, but it does not promise that this method will be suitable for everyone, and it will take up to 1 or 2 months to implement it. If you do not want to wait long, use this method.

During the trial period, Netflix cancels subscriptions, and for all users who have traveled for a month or more, Netflix sometimes sends random emails to users asking if they want an additional 30 days of testing. Sign up after watching a new movie or series. Typically, this occurs after 2-3 months.

So, if you receive an email from Netflix about a free monthly trial from Netflix, you can activate your second trial by following the link provided in the email. Please confirm the free trial extension on the next page.

You can now use another Netflix test on your favorite device. Also, don't forget to cancel your order before the trial period ends.

Method # 4: Call Netflix Directly And Ask To Extend Your Experiment

Why wait so long to get an additional free trial invitation from Netflix? If you have a way to extend your free trial for more than 30 days. And I can't say for sure that this method will help you 100 percent, but if you're lucky, there's a chance.

If your experiment is about to end, call Netflix directly, talk to your customer service manager, and let them know that you were busy but didn't get the full experience. watch time.

That's basically! If you are lucky, they will give you a free trial for a month.

Method #5: Share a Netflix account

Unlike Spotify, Netflix does not offer discounts to students or families. However, you can save money by sharing your Netflix account username and password with family and close friends.

For example, a premium order can be used by four people at a time, and a standard order can be used by two people at the same time. So if you buy a Standard or Premium subscription, you will be able to share the cost by sharing it with your friends or family.

On Netflix, you will be able to create a profile for each family member. Netflix can use this feature to personalize different types depending on your favorite series and user preferences. You can create a maximum of five profiles.

Here are the steps on how to create a profile for people who want to share their Netflix account.
  • First, go to and enter your account.
  • Select the "Registration Icon" in the upper right corner.
  • Select the "Manage Profile" section.
  • Select "Add Profile".
  • Give the new profile a name and select "Continue".
  • Then select "DONE".

Important: You cannot create a separate password for each profile. New profiles will also be logged in using the same email and password, and when someone logs in, Netflix will ask who is watching. Also, display a list of profiles assigned to your account. To start browsing Netflix, the user must select their profile. You only need to share your login information, so share it only with family, friends, or someone you trust.

Method #6: Buy Netflix at a Low Price

Buying Netflix as a group will save you money and allow you to get premium orders for less than $ 4. We will tell you how this group purchase works. Netflix does not offer any discounts on subscriptions, so as you said before, you can always take advantage of the opportunity to share.

But what if you don't have a friend watching Netflix? How to share a Netflix account and its costs? Will this get in the way of your Netflix life? No, this will require Group Buy tools.

The Group Purchasing Tool connects people looking to get their hands on sharing the cost of buying digital goods. There are dozens of websites on the Internet where you can buy Netflix in groups, depending on your region.

You can find these websites by doing a simple Google search called "Netflix Group buy" and you will now see many websites that offer it. We do not recommend sites that fall into this category, as it depends on your country.

Note: You need to be careful when choosing a website. This is because most fake websites appear in search results. It's always a good idea to check customer reviews about the seller's account and website on Reddit, such as quora and discussion sites, before making a payment.

We sincerely hope that this article will help you get a Netflix account for free. So what are you waiting for? Download the Netflix app for smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and consoles, such as the PS4 or Xbox One. On PC and Mac, you can browse the Netflix website through a browser. Watch your favorite movies and series for free on Netflix. To read other articles like How to Get Netflix for Free Forever! We encourage you to check out our tips and tricks section. Don't forget to share this information with your friends through social media.
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