What If There Were No Ads Online At The Present Time?

Nowadays, when you turn on your TV or visit a website or watch a video online, annoying ads come up one after another. In the virtual world, advertising is very important to us, but it is the most frustrating thing for us.

What If There Were No Ads Online At The Present Time?

Advertising is really annoying. Be it on TV, bulletin boards, or online. None of us like to see ads. Imagine people around the world protesting against advertising and removing it from all places. So what can happen, let's clarify this issue?

Advertising is a frustrating factor on our online platforms and in our personal lives. This is because the ad suddenly appears between watching the required video. It's annoying for us, too, anywhere on TV or online platforms. However, advertising on online platforms is much less annoying than television advertising. But a few minutes of TV commercials are of no use to us.

But let's find out why they advertise on an online platform or on TV.

The ad will continue after a while when we watch TV at home or play a video on YouTube. Hope this gave you a boring ad. But you also have reason to think. If we see that there are few ads in these places, it will be more convenient to see them.

But if they ask you why they're not advertising, do you pay for it? In return, you will say that we do not pay any money to the owner of YouTube or TV channel for this. But in this case, you are watching these videos for free. Therefore, if you use YouTube or a website, you will not pay for this platform. Advertising is mainly aimed at keeping you online for free.

This ad dislikes us, but it is for advertising, but we can watch free content, TV channels allow us to watch for free, we can watch videos and content for free on an online website or youtube.

What If There Were No Ads Online At The Present Time?

Not to mention that many websites will be blocked if the ads stop. Organizations like YouTube will be shut down and most companies will lose their businesses. When the advertising market closes, most people lose their jobs. In addition, at this time we all have to face another problem, that is, no one will know about the new product on the market.

Because advertising is a means of advertising, we will not receive advertising for that product if that advertising stops. Although information about that product can come to us in many ways, it will be very limited.

Only companies will not lose money. In this way, we have to buy products at a higher price. Because at that time we will not know about any promotional offers. Because at that time no one will give you free information about that product and you will not know the exact price.

Then we will visit all these websites and find out the price of the product. But how many organizations will you remember in this way? The brand names you remember didn't come up with any attractive offers.

In this case, you will not receive such a product. In addition, you may think that I will watch videos of organizations on YouTube about what happened when the ads stopped. However, this is not impossible, because at that time YouTube will not provide you with a free service, in which case you will have to use YouTube for money.

After the cessation of advertising, the services of major online service providers will no longer be free. These include websites such as Google, YouTube, and Facebook. We must pay a subscription fee to use these services. We will not be able to post the song we want on Facebook or Instagram. In other words, all over the online platform, we have to pay the subscription fee and then use the internet.

If the ad has been off for a while, you may want to check out YouTube. But then you won't see any videos on YouTube. Because you have to pay to store all these videos on the YouTube server. Google raises money by displaying ads on YouTube videos. However, if the ad stops at that point, the subscription text will appear on your screen to run YouTube, as it will not cover the cost of running the server. This is because YouTube has been slow to show you videos to show you ads.

That's why you have to pay for the subscription because the promotion has stopped. It is very difficult for ordinary people to buy and use mobile data, but paying the subscription fee on any platform along with mobile data is like a luxury. Many subscribers use the Internet to pay for subscriptions on other platforms.

Many people think that it makes no sense to advertise on a website or on TV. Without advertising, you can't use so much for free, and I'll tell them again that your life won't get much better. I like to advertise an online platform if it suits my mind and needs. Online advertising is not something that worries us. Instead, online advertising has made our lives much easier.


There are ads, but we can see the ads we want online. If online advertising had appeared, we would not have seen any product advertising tailored to our needs. As a result, the services we need may remain unclear.

So, there are ads so we can use everything online for free. If there were no ads, we would have to pay for everything online and not get the service we want.

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